Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Practising my skills

As part of my new job I am lucky enough to be able to attend some of the fantastic cake decorating courses that Cakes 4 Fun offer. This week, in the lead up to Christmas I went on the 'Festive Mini Iced Cakes' course, where you learn to cut and decorate five very cute miniature sponges. I absolutely LOVED this course and by the end of the class had developed a very strong affection towards my little cakes. I kept staring at them all doe eyed. This was my first time working with some of the equipment, for example the snowflake plunger cutters and I think the results are so cute!

This little Christmas tree was made from rolling sugar paste (mixed with CMC/Sugarcell to make a stronger modelling paste) into a cone and using scissors to snip the little branches.

By the way, sorry about the very average photos. I was in a rush to meet my friend Abee and give her this! Her favourite colours are pale pink and black.

And to another friend (who is a Pastry Chef at Harrods and a fellow lover of all things baking who encourages me no end) I gave this...

This cake covered with pearlised little reindeers and an edible Florist Paste bow was gifted to my cousin Kristy.

And finally, this little Christmas Pudding cake was gifted to a family friend. I think this is really cute!

I had so much fun in this course, my tutor Jen was absolutely lovely and such a great help. Even though I may be slightly biased because I work at Cakes 4 Fun I can wholeheartedly recommend the courses they offer. We have so many talented tutors and the courses are really well planned to ensure you not only learn new skills and come out with beautiful cakes but you have fun while doing it! You can view the full list of courses available online.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's been awhile

Hello. I'm back. And a lot has changed, hence why I haven't been posting although that's only a half excuse. For the most part I am too scared and sadly too lazy to post. Which I am so embarrassed to admit but it's very true. I wish I wasn't lazy. Or so easily distracted. I'm making a promise to myself to try and stop. But that's enough of all the 'woe is me'. Things have changed. Over the past 12 months I've moved my little life between three beautiful cities in three different countries. Melbourne, Australia. Wellington, New Zealand. And finally (for now) London, England.

I've left people whom I love dearly behind (just for a wee while) and come to meet new people who I now also get the honour of loving dearly. People around the world never cease to amaze me. There are such great, kind, generous and caring people everywhere. Sometimes, just as you're feeling down, someone, a complete stranger maybe, will pop up and do something kind to remind you that the world is a good place full of mostly lovely characters who find joy and satisfaction in doing nice things just because they can, and because it comes naturally to them. I think that's what makes 'us' as people so special.

As well as a change in world location, I've also had a change in career. Up until August this year I had been working in the advertising industry. Along the way I met some of my favourite people and got to work on some great campaigns but when I got to London and started interviewing something just didn't feel right. I knew that it was time for me to do what I'd been dreaming and talking about for years. Work with cake! And so...I now work at the busy cake supplies and novelty cake store, Cakes 4 Fun, in Putney as a shop assistant. And I am really proud of myself.

I love that people have dreams and more than loving that people dream, I love people who try and make those dreams become a reality. I wanted to be one of those people. Dreams can be scary sometimes and I am still freaking out a little about all the change that is happening in my life but in trying these things surely I can only learn more about myself and hopefully in doing that become a better, more interesting, wiser and more compassionate person? And if not...at least I would have enjoyed eating a lot of cake! I know it's cliche but if you have a dream, go for it! In baby steps or big leaps...just try because you never know what will come from just trying.

D x

P.S. Here's a photo of a rose buttercream cupcake I made the other day. It makes me happy.