Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Practising my skills

As part of my new job I am lucky enough to be able to attend some of the fantastic cake decorating courses that Cakes 4 Fun offer. This week, in the lead up to Christmas I went on the 'Festive Mini Iced Cakes' course, where you learn to cut and decorate five very cute miniature sponges. I absolutely LOVED this course and by the end of the class had developed a very strong affection towards my little cakes. I kept staring at them all doe eyed. This was my first time working with some of the equipment, for example the snowflake plunger cutters and I think the results are so cute!

This little Christmas tree was made from rolling sugar paste (mixed with CMC/Sugarcell to make a stronger modelling paste) into a cone and using scissors to snip the little branches.

By the way, sorry about the very average photos. I was in a rush to meet my friend Abee and give her this! Her favourite colours are pale pink and black.

And to another friend (who is a Pastry Chef at Harrods and a fellow lover of all things baking who encourages me no end) I gave this...

This cake covered with pearlised little reindeers and an edible Florist Paste bow was gifted to my cousin Kristy.

And finally, this little Christmas Pudding cake was gifted to a family friend. I think this is really cute!

I had so much fun in this course, my tutor Jen was absolutely lovely and such a great help. Even though I may be slightly biased because I work at Cakes 4 Fun I can wholeheartedly recommend the courses they offer. We have so many talented tutors and the courses are really well planned to ensure you not only learn new skills and come out with beautiful cakes but you have fun while doing it! You can view the full list of courses available online.


  1. They are adorable! So lovely meeting you Danielle, get on twitter! Milli x

  2. Thanks Milli! It was lovely to meet you too - we haven't seen you in awhile! I'm trying to get my head around twitter, will let you know when I do. xx