Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm going public

I almost broke one of my New Year's resolutions already. How bad is that. I'm not usually one for resolutions but sometimes I make little commitments to myself, very rarely ones about losing weight... I basically avoid things that are unrealistic. And seeing as I've thrown myself into the world of cake, clearly losing weight isn't high on my priority list. So this year I've written a little list of things I'd like to do that actually are achievable with a little bit of effort and will hopefully make my life more interesting, more enjoyable and more fun. In an attempt at motivation I'm going to share them with you.

I first wrote this list one night, standing in a Twickenham garden, along with three of my cousins who also wrote down their goals for 2012. We stood outside in the dark, shared our lists with each other, lit them on fire and then threw them into a watering can when the flames got too intense. (Just to be clear, it wasn't lost on us that the whole 'fire, darkness, group of girls under the moonlight' thing had hints of witches coven about it and there were jokes about 'The Craft' bandied about. You know how girls love that type of thing). Then we went back inside and ate a ridiculous amount of pizza.

Here is what was on my piece of paper, now ashes of hope in my cousin's watering can, but no less important or real...or achievable.
  1. Write my business plan. I have plans in my head...but it's time I got them down on paper and started to see if these random thoughts that have been floating about for so long actually make sense and could be the start of something new.
  2. Do yoga at least once a week. So far so good on this one. But maybe I won't be trying another shoulder stand anytime soon after my accidental back flip last week. Whoops.
  3. Be more creative. Stop thinking about things and start actually doing them. The newly named 'Doer's Club' will help with that. Although obviously our creativity wasn't at a high when we came up with that name.
  4. Be kind and be true. This one sounds straightforward but I think will prove to be one of the harder resolutions to actually stick to. I think I'm a kind person for the most part but I'd like to start doing more little things for people that really count. 'Be true' means be true to myself. Sometimes I'm easily swayed by people and let them influence the decisions I make. This year I'm going to try and make sure I'm listening to myself and doing what I think is the right thing.
  5. Laugh lots. Enough said!
  6. Love wholly and deeply. Again, enough said. As corny as it may sound I think it's important no?
  7. And this is the one resolution I almost broke...Write a blog post at least once a week. It's Sunday and I almost failed. Only three weeks into the year! I'm so glad I just scraped in. This is one resolution I am determined to stick to. Not that I'm not determined to stick to the rest...but we'll see in 49 weeks time (and 49 blog posts) how I've done. 
Watch this space. Now it's gone public I have added motivation. I hope any resolutions that you've made for 2012 are starting to come to life! I know it's hard but we can motivate each other, I know I'll be needing it. I'm going to try and remember this: baby steps are better than no steps.

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