Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grateful for good friends. Kinfolk Workshop

Good friends have given me some great opportunities in life and created many great moments. This was one to add to that list. On Sunday 26th May, the first New Zealand Kinfolk workshop was held at Willowdene Boutique Bed and Breakfast, hosted by On My Hand and Greta Kenyon Photography.

Kinfolk is a quarterly magazine and online community, born in Portland Oregon, that delivers entertainment ideas for simple ways to spend time together. Described as "a resource of enticing and meaningful activities" it's a collaboration of personal ideas that are focussed on creating a balanced, intentional lifestyle. It's about living simply and enriching life with an awareness of our environment and surrounds. Things that are often taken for granted!

Every month 'Kinfolk Community Gatherings' are held around the world by hosts selected for their shared ethos. Whether it be gardening, cooking, beekeeping or butchering, Kinfolk workshops are a way to get back to the basics, engage in a new skill and gain a refreshed perspective and appreciation of our little piece of the world.

The 'Freshen Up' workshop, held by Greta and Shaye, was a guide to creating homemade, chemical-free cleaning products out of everyday pantry items and a few little easy-to-source extras. Attended by a group of very enthusiastic women we spent the afternoon learning how to make beautiful, natural hand soaps and room mists. Shaye demonstrated her passion for making use of nature's own resources as she brewed soap nuts over the stove and blended essential oils while Greta captured the beauty of the event as seen in these photos.

My little input to the day was to ensure the girls were well fed. Alongside a selection from Informal Organic Tea (thanks Tim!) guests were treated to delicate rosewater sponge cakes, lavender biscuits and beetroot, goats cheese and walnut tarts.

Walking away with newfound knowledge and skills, new friends and not to mention our own bespoke bottles of hand soap and room mist, gifts from ecostore and the Waiheke Soap Company, I know we all left as very happy, enriched girls!

If you're interested in attending a Kinfolk workshop please keep an eye on the pages of Shaye and Greta as there are already upcoming events in the pipeline.

Greta, Shaye and Emily from Wild & Grace have all documented their own experience of the day on their sites if you'd like to read more. Links are here, here and here.

Thanks Shaye & Greta for asking me to be a part of this event. Your support and friendship since starting my business has been incredible. x

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